“Ristrutturazione Case” has been operating in Italy since 1998, with several offices in all the country.
In the course of our history, we have created a very wide portfolio, with private, business and public buildings and spaces.
We are able to work on the most extraordinary buildings, from refurbishing private flats to commercial spaces, we always deliver an excellent, accurate and precise final outcome, in all details.

Project design and customer care

We give the utmost attention to all project stages. The project design is essential for the refurbishment to match the customer’s needs in the best possible way. Our professionals aim to the highest customer satisfaction, with all the knowledge needed to convey all the customer’s preferences in a functional and appealing project.
In the course of our history, we have set and refined a very strict, professional approach, aimed to achieve the best quality and always offering the most solid warranties to the customer.

Free customised quotation and all inclusive service

The inspection of the building and spaces to be refurbished, the first project design and the first quotation are all offered for free and with no obligations: very few companies in this field offer this kind of approach.
When the customer accepts the project and the quotation, we take care of the refurbishment in a complete way, exempting the customer from any technical and administrative duty. The customer will only have to wait for the works to be completed and then will have the renewed spaces back.

Operational transparency and cutting edge technologies

We strictly respect all timelines and deadlines of the project and we always deem transparency, professionalism and honesty as essential.
We have therefore invested important resources to develop innovative tools for the customer to have an extremely clear picture of the ongoing works: we provide upfront a 3D project, displaying all refurbished spaces, with all specifications and technical details.
We also provide an App, which the customer can use to remotely monitor the ongoing works, simply connecting to the Internet with any device. The customer may always come on site, to follow closely what is being done.

Building materials and elements are scrupulously selected, our staff is professional and well prepared: this is what allowed us to achieve a top ranking at a national level. It is very important for us to give our clients the best attention and the most transparent operating procedures.